Stepping back to step forward


Hello loves,


All is well here at Ryan James HQ and I've been working on some comissions which is why I haven't been posting or engaging as much lately. Whenever I get a commission I tend to hyper focus on it until it's done and now that I'm on the tail end of this one I shall be back to my regularly scheduled stuff! I've also been thinking about social media, well, mainly instagram, and I'm figuring out how to use it. I've definitely been letting it use me for a while and I'm glad I caught myself before I started to, god forbid, make art solely for a god damned algorhythm. I don't have many ideas yet but, I think I am going to resurrect my old art/music newsletter. It's a more direct connection to my tribe and it affords me the opportunity to get to know you all better.


I've also been working a lot on my other projects, the novel, the album and the collections of other work, it's all coming together nicely and my obsession with habit tracking has been extremely helpful. I am cautious though to not do too much. I have a slight habit of incrementally over loading and over working myself so I have some checks and balances in place to keep myself level. I have to remind myself that I CAN do it all I just cant do it all ALL AT ONCE! I once convinced myself I could write twelve 80,000 word books in a year. I mean I probably could but I'd have to quit things like my job, eating and going to the loo. Plus, I've learned working at that rate for that long usually means the work itself doesn't have time to become any good.


That's another thing about social media and art isnt' it? The constant promotion doesn't always give you the time you need away from the canvas. Or the time to actually make the thing you want to make. I have a lot to think about when it comes to sharing and the way I show up. But I also need to think about what I'm doing to engage in a way that effectively communicates the stories I want to tell. If you have any ideas I'm open to them. Blogging has always been a great way for me to connect but, these days it doesn't seem to have the same reach. Still, I'm here and I'll continue to be here until I figure this out and I want to bring you all along with me as I get this where it needs to be.


Thanks for tuning in


big Love


Ryan x

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