Needing to be bored.




This week I've managed to finish three canvas. One is another halloween prompt and the other two were paper plane inspired. For those that don't know I use origami a lot in my manifestation and affirmation process and I never really thought about putting them in my work properly until recently. I'm figuring out ways to use them more because it seems to bring a bit of that magic with it to the canvas.


Right this second there's nothing on my easel which is new for me. Usually when I finish a painting I put something on the easel straight away. I like to be in constant creative motion. I think I need a little break from that thinking. I've been thinking for a while that I'd love to try a few new techniques and explore abstract art a little. I think it might help my composition skills? Not sure really but it's been a while since I've let myself get bored and I think being a little bored helps your work now and again.


With a hyper distracted world I've noticed that I don't give myself enough time to let my mind wander. To really just dive into my inner landscape and make believe for a while. I am old enough to remember a life before social media and I think, in terms of imagination, I was a lot more free and explorative before I got hooked on a device.


These last few months I have been aware of just how much time I'm wasting and how much of it could be going on things that matter to me.


I use social media for work and for fun but it's those times when I'm on it and neither of those things are happening is a concern. I've been doing small things like using Duo lingo ( 128 day streak thank you ) instead of doom scrolling, making sure there's no phone after 7 o clock so I can have time with my other half and just making a habit of checking in with myself over the intentionality of my useage. All of this is to give myself more time to let my mind wander. To walk without earphones or any of the things that usually keep the world at bay. I don't think I need to protect myself in the way that I used to. I need to let the world in a little. Be bored. Be amazed. Wander. Wonder. Oh, and rest. Definitely rest.


Now, put your phone down and go be bored.


Big love


Ryan James x

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