Passionately average




I've had a little stumble lately when it comes to how I view my art work. It was a slight step backwards in that I started to play “the game” instead of creating the kind of life I wanted as an artist. For instance, everywhere tells you to make countless videos and reels, and I have been, but I'm also writing blogs, which everyone tells you not to do but I do it because I love it. Theres something about this form of communication that just feels like home for me. Also I think I want to go back to my newsletters. I used to send one out weekly or bi-weekly but, I stopped. I lost faith and I started to think of it as pointless. I got emotionally muddy. But something has woken back up in me recently. Just a truth that I had lost for a while which is, simply, do what I love.


An audience of any sort is never promised. There will always be people who fart in the direction of a piece of paper and get a million people to applaud and there's incredible genius' who's work will never see the light of day. And there's people like me. Firmly and proudly in the middle. I'm not the best, nor the worst. Passionatley average. All I can promise is that I will do my best to make the most honest work that I can. I will fail from time to time but, I will pick myself up and carry on. I promise only that I will make and keep making. So here I am, back on track.


Also, I want to talk to you. I want to share my art with you. Social media with all it's algorhythms and adverts just get's so overwhelming that I don't end up fully connecting with anyone as much as I'd like. With all the changes that seem to constantly happen it's become a space that's not as enjoyable for me as it used to be. A newsletter lets me do one thing I love, writing, to share something else I love, art and music and it's directly to you. So I am collecting email addresses from this point so if you want to sign up let me know and we can actually connect. Properly and through a medium that I feel I can show up more fully on.


You in?


Big love


Ryan James x

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