When its time to quit, quit.




Sometimes I want to quit. I'm not ashamed to say it and I think it's actually healthy to acknowledge it. Now I know you might think I'm about to say something along the lines of “so long as you never actually do.” but no. Sometimes you need to quit. Sometimes you need to put your project, your goal down and never pick it back up again. When you realise something isn't for you, it's ok to let it go, grieve it and move on to the next thing.


To be honest this whole experiement of turning my art from hobby to business might not end as I want it. My goal is to give myself a year. To really try my best and throw some energy at it to see if anything bites. If after this year I'm not really any further along then I will change my mindset back to keeping art as a hobby, a passion project. I made the mistake of pushing way too hard once before. That was when I was persuing music. My ability to “push through” became extermely toxic and it ended up not only costing me my mental health but also my connection to creativity itself. I made a promise to myself then I would never do that again. I know how to work hard and I'm not afraid of that but, I'm not betraying myself ever again. When it's time to call it quits I am able to do that better now than I did back then.


It's healthy to have cut off points. To have spaces where you review and see if what you're going for is even what you want any more. It's ok if the answer is no. It's also ok if you do create success and it's not what you want. You are a grown up and you are allowed to walk away, change your mind and go in a new direction. Right now making art into a business is fun and I'm enjoying commissions, looking into selling more work and building a place where I might be able to find my creative tribe. I know that there will likely be times when I don't enjoy it too. The cut off point will come if and when I feel like this is taking more than I am willing to give. When it feels out of alignment for me, at my core, I am able to put it down.


Wanting to quit as a minor tantrum will happen and that's one thing. When you begin to behave in ways you otherwise wouldn't normally, or when you start to feel yourself in a space of constant reaction instead of productivity then it's time for a review. I've had mine recently and I'm still full steam ahead.


Check in with yourself.




Ryan x

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